Bari Restaurant, located in historic downtown Salem Oregon. Specializing in global cuisine, made from scratch food, craft cocktails and an extensive wine list.

Food photography by brian burke


Bari Restaurant and Bar doesn't own a can opener their cuisine is made from scratch using the best Northwest ingredients. We feature an extensive Oregon and global wine list, and create classic cocktails using unique bitters, liqueurs, and spirits.


Bari also features the largest collection original paintings by local Northwest artists 




(503) 991-5386



136 High Street S.E.

Salem, Oregon 97301



M-Th 3:30p–10p
F-Sa 3:30p–11p
Su Closed

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Bari Manhattan.                                                                                     

Rye whiskey, Priorate Natal aperitif, and Bitters


Strawberry Prosecco Mojito                                                               

Fresh strawberries, mint, lime juice, and rum topped with Prosecco


White Port and Tonic                                                                              

Kopke white port, tonic, and fresh lime juice


Classic whiskey Sour                                                                               

Rye whiskey, lime juice sweet & sour, and egg whites


Rye Berry                                                                                                        

Rye whiskey, lime juice, fresh raspberries, egg whites, and bitters


Tequila pomelo                                                                                          

White tequila, Combier Pamplemousse, fresh grapefruit, and lime


Vesper martini                                                                                            

Vodka, gin, and Lilet Blonde


Bari Restaurant and bar

136 High Street S.E.
Salem, Oregon, 97301




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